Leather guitar Straps # 11
to Lee - Victoria


length 43" - 48"- width 2.5 " for electric guitars and basses

This guitar strap is "a true Guitar/Bass"

Midnight blue background Fender Jazz Bass and Fender Jazz Master. Colourful and kept with the colours of the '60s with a little artistic license! This is a strap that would stand out on stage.

This guitar strap is entirely hand embossed and hand painted. The acrylic paint I use is mixed with a fixative to make it even more durable, and they have then been sealed with a leather sealer and additionally sprayed with a water repellent. As always, all possible care is taken to make it a long lasting wearable work of art.

The buckle is attached with stitching - not just riveted - and covered with kangaroo skin. Thickness (or in the trade terms "weight") of leather is 3 mm or 8/64 " or 8 oz. Leather is vegetable tanned Italian leather commonly used for light weight belts (as opposed to military style weight - an important point as it determines the amount of stretch). As always, any stitching (buckle, reinforced ends, strap button 'keyholes' etc) is hand-stitched with strong saddlery-grade wax thread to last a lifetime.

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