Leather guitar Strap # 14
to Don - Virginia

Here is a variation on the red-and-black #13 strap.

The arrangement of pockets allows for changes of colors. You can be visually creative - collect different coloured plectrums and see what you like! Plectrums make a nice decorative motif on this one.

This strap is adjustable back and front. The width is 2 3/4'' at its widest part and 1 1/2" at the narrower ends. The top leather is 1.5 mm Veg tanned cowhide. Underneath is a 2 mm cowhide split suede; it's thick, it's non-slip and it adds a nice weight and nice feel to the strap. The buckles are covered in Kangaroo Leather (the strongest thin leather in the world).

length 42" - 48" - width 2 3/4 "For electric guitars and basses

Don's comment

The strap is here and it is just great. It looks just super on my Martin Johnny Cash model guitar, as it is all black. The fit is also right on. Thanks again for working with me on the size and all. Looks and feels just perfect. Cheers
. Don Thompson

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