Leather Guitar Straps # 15
to Ron in Singapore

#15 is a beautiful deep shade of brown.

Not only do these guitar straps have the 3 'pick pockets' like #13 and #14, they also have a pocket for cash, set lists, contact phone numbers, whatever! See the business card poking out of that pocket.

The 'pick pocket' is actually a 'lid' for the main 'compartment'. It's big enough to hold a small mobile phone, but could be used for your own little stash of...anything!

The long tongues on the back swing nicely with movement. It would make a great stage strap.

These straps were designed with maximum width (2 3/4") all the way for full support. 3mm Italian vegetable-tanned leather was used, with a stunning feature made of the three solid brass saddlery buckles on each strap adjuster.

length 43" - 50.5" - width 2 3/4 "

For electric guitars and basses

©Copyright Chantal Cordey - 2005