Leather Guitar Straps # 19
to Tony - Queensland

Tony's comment as left in my "Guestbook"

Price and quality run parallel. I LOVE the #19 strap, would it be possible to make a matching belt to suit jeans size 32 inch waist, I will still be a $2 player but will progress to $3 million status at least in appearance, regards Tony

#19 The inspiration for this guitar strap came from looking at crocodile and snakeskin leathers. I like the “texture” of those but from a distance “Stage” their reptilian qualities can get a little lost.

With a little searching, I then found a way of recreating a three-dimensional scale pattern only larger.

I have dyed the strap lightly so as it retains that “natural” leather look .Its is made up of three narrower straps of 1.5 mm “modeling” hide (vegetable tanned cowhide). Twisted and molded to form a scale pattern. They are then laced together with a Dark brown Kangaroo leather lace (Best leather lace in the world but expensive) .The scales in turn are edged laced to a backing 1.5 mm leather and a cowhide suede. The buckle is also covered with a Kangaroo leather lace. The resulting strap is solid but still very pliable.

I’m happy with the very textural result and the strap looks and feels great. It was fairly Labor-intensive but in my opinion well worth it.

Length 42 “- 47 Width 2“ 5/8
For electric guitars and basses

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