Leather guitar strap # 208
to Elias USA

This guitar strap is made out of 2.5mm thick vegetable tanned embossing leather which I have carved and embossed with a CC original “Jazz Age Art deco” influenced design repeated through to the back. It is also hand painted with 3 layers of a durable Acrylic paint especially formulated to adhere to leather. Brown shading has been added to give extra depth and an aged effect.

The studs are recessed into the top layer.

It is hand stitched throughout with a strong waxed braided Nylon cord of different colours and the strap is lined with a light coloured pig skin. The buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the button holes are also reinforced with the same leather.

As usual it took me a quite a few days to formulate and make but I think it looks good.

Length 46"  to 50"
plus one extra buttonhole 2" up making it in total 44"" to 50"
Width 3"

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2013