# 214 Beaded Guitar Strap
to Thierry - France

This leather guitar strap is hand beaded, each beads and bobbles has been carefully hand stitched on 1mm vegetable tanned cowhide, by me using several strands of a strong nylon thread.

The beaded part is 1 ½ inches (4 cm) wide and its length is 30 inches (77cm) it goes right around to the back with not a lot of space left not beaded. All the bits and pieces, Rhinestone, bits of jewelry, unusual beads, Mother of Pearl, Abalone etc etc I have collected over many years.

The beaded leather is then backed with 1 mm leather and then inlayed in a length of 2 mm Vegetable tanned cowhide. The all lot is lined with light brown pigskin and then stitched with a Red and Blue strong waxed cord. The button holes are reinforced with kangaroo leather underneath and stitched right around with black waxed cord. The ladder back adjustments all the slots are also stitched around with black waxed cord.

It reflects light absolutely beautifully, the picture definitely does THAT no justice. It would be a great big stage strap for a confident player who can pull it off.

Length 47"  to 51" - Width 2 ¾"

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