Leather guitar strap # 215
to Art In the US

This guitar strap is constructed out of 2 layers of 1 mm (approx 3/64 ") Jacket grade Italian calf skin suede in a very niceTobacco color over an inner core of 2 mm (approx 6/64 ") Cowhide split suede. The top layer is folded over to the back and then covered with the back layer of suede.
Horse hair tussles, thick aluminium cones hanging off a hand beaded “Medicine Wheel” Stitched right around with a Turquoise colored Kangaroo lace. It is fastened at the back with four wide Suede lace lengths. Glass beads are stitched straight onto the strap. The fringes are 4 inches long and swing nicely. The button holes are reinforced with kangaroo leather at the back and stitched right around as well.

Length 48" to 57" - width 2 3/4"

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