Beaded suede leather guitar strap # 223
"Shades of the South West"
to Elias USA

This guitar strap features Turquoise colored suede with inlays of red suede and textured leather; painted to resemble Turquoise stone a little.

It is also inlaid with 4 sections of beading stitched straight on the leather underneath, (much more sturdy then beaded on a loom) I have also aged the beading a bit.

The edges of the top suede are turned over a core of leather and it is lined with the same suede.

It is hand stitched around the inlays with a thick waxed cord (no sewing machine used) and laced around with red Kangaroo leather lace.
The button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather underneath.The tail end also has a second button hole positioned 2 inches up, effectively making the strap adjustable to 43.5 at its shortest if need be.

The adjustment is by way of the classic Ladder style

Length 45 1/2"- 51 1/2"- Width 3

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