Leather Guitar strap # 233
to Elias
This guitar strap is beaded the full length, it features 2 real turquoise stones, set in red kangaroo leather, one on the back and one on the front;
Those are highlighted with real Red Agate beads.The glass beads are handstitched through the upper layer and core leather, a technique which is time consuming.
The guitar strap itself is made out of 3 layers of leather for strength, suede on the outer layers with a core of 1.5 mm leather.
The adjustment is by way of a traditional ladder type style with each of the slots hand stitched with a waxed cord.
The strap is in its turn hand stitched with a turquoise coloured kangaroo lace.
Button holes are reinforced with a row of hand stitching with a turquoise waxed cord.

PS, All hand stitching done is exactly what it says (no sewing machine used) unlike others who claim to hand stitch with a sewing machine.

Size Length 45" to 51" - Width 3"

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2016