Leather Guitar Straps # 31

Flying Texas blues

Custom made for Dennis in the UK
This guitar strap was made for Dennis Candy Apple Red Stratocaster and the pocket on the back of the strap was made to hold his wireless headphone set up, a Sennheiser EW300 IEM.


The pouch was wet formed around a wooden block to fit the wirelesss snuggly, not too loose and not too tight .This method keeps things very compact as it does not require additional width for a seam on top. It fitted very well on the 2 3/4 Inch strap.

Made out of 3 mm Italian Vegetable tanned modelling cowhide. Lined with Italian calf skin garment suede. Hand carved , embossed and handpainted.

Buckles covered and ends lined and for reinforcement also with kangaroo leather. Hand stitched with Red saddlery Linen waxed thread, Laced with Kangaroo thonging .The 2 buckles system offers good adjustments on this one .

Customer's comment

I got the strap, you did a beautiful job. Thank you so much, I have already tried it on a gig, everything works great

(20th of September 2006)

Length 48 1/4"- 53 1/4 "
- width 2 3/4"

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