Guitar Straps # 33
to Charlie - UK
Shades of Morocco with a "South West"flavor
This guitar straps bares a striking resemblance to native American weaving.
Made out of one of four finely hand woven woolen Berber rug strips collected by me some years ago on a trip to Morocco.They are not some facsimile but the real thing from the Atlas mountains. Lined with velvet soft cowhide suede, so soft that you could wear it without a shirt. Concho like ornaments are part of silver belts also collected in the Souks of Morocco. Hand stitched vegetable tanned leather ends and reinforced with Kangaroo leather throughout.

Please note that I haven't punched any button holes on the ends. I am waiting to see which guitar it will adorn and whether strap locks will be used as it seems a shame to cut into the reinforced stitches I insert on all of my straps button hole in order to make larger holes then these required for ordinary lugs.

# 33 length 49" to 53" width 2 1/2" at shoulder

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2006