Bass Guitar Strap # 165
To Mark

This is really a bass guitar strap or if you have a very heavy guitar like a Les Paul

It is tapered going to its full 4 inches width on the shoulder.

For the shoulder part I have used garment leather over 3 mm thick neoprene and hand stitched through this to form the quilting pattern I have then laid this over an other strip of Neoprene which is lined with garment leather underneath, the edges have been turned over for comfort and also piped to add more details.

The button holes are reinforced with kangaroo leather underneath.

The zippers are functional for the full length of the strap and act as a keeping place for picks, spare cash, set list or what ever you can think of.

This bass strap is very sturdy and was very labour intensive to make with all the detailing that went into it ...

Length 42"- 46 " - width 4 "

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2011