to Barry in the UK for his Hamer T-51 Telecaster

length 45" - 49" - width 2 1/2"

Barry's comment

The lonesome twang of Telecasters in a parched stony desert under a wide Western sky - you captured the whole thing. How on earth did you do that, Chantal?

I've pricked my finger on those cactus spines and inhaled the sweaty fragrance of a bullet-scarred stetson. Utterly magical.

Your creative spirit, your tasteful artistry and your complete command of materials and techniques are all demonstrated in this wondrous piece of work.

Number 110 is now one of my most precious possessions, and I will love it for ever.

Thank you so much, Chantal.

Yeehaw. Cactuses cowboys and Telecasters. The ideas for this guitar strap rested somewhere near a desert highway probably in Texas.
It is hand carved and embossed on a 3 mm thick vegetable tanned embossing leather. The front motif is repeated at the back of the strap.
It is hand painted with a tough Acrylic paint, especially mixed by me so as to not chip or peel, it will stand the test of time.
I have lined it with pig skin leather and hand stitched it right around with a heavy duty waxed nylon cord that will not rot with time like cotton or linen threads
The buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the button holes are also reinforced underneath with the same leather

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2007