Custom made for Danny in Canada

2.5 mm vegetable tanned leather lined with pigskin leather. This guitar strap features embossed PRS guitars and inlays of Toadskin leather and Fishskin leather.

I like the different textured FX against the contrasting blue background.

It is hand embossed, hand painted and hand stitched with a strong braided nylon cord. No machines use what so ever and that also means no sewing machine.

I really like the way this one has turned out

length 48 1/2" - 53 1/2"- width 2 1/2"

Danny's comment
Hey Chantal,

Got the Strap last night... looks really great and the colour is the perfect complement for the guitar! I love the overall build quality along with the belt buckle adjustment that made getting perfect fit real easy and for such a thick strap it fells already broken in and super comfortable. I'll try to get a few pics of it with the guitar out to you. Its' been a real treat working with you, hope to do it again sometime soon.


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