GUITAR STRAP and Belt # 199
Custom made for Don in the US

length 42" - 47" - width 2 1/2"

Don's comment

HIIII Chantal,
I can`t thank you enough! It is said, A picture says a thousand words.
But in this case words can not describe the feelings you get with guitar in hand.
If I had been given this belt and strap when I was young I may have actually made something of
my life. The red matches my guitars color, funny, since I never mentioned it`s color.
I was right, the belt does make me look good... I haven`t taken it off yet.
And the strap feels wonderful. The length is perfect! Great job Chantal.
If you don`t mind I`ll be ordering more of both soon!....
Thank`s for putting up with my insanity, I look forward to our next colaboration.
Thank`s Don

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