Custom "CC " strap made for Berry in the UK, for his Gibson Starburst Acoustic/Electric guitar

Berry's Comment
"C.C arrived today an my heart soared. My father said," The 4 greatest things in life are to 1. find Love . 2. be loved. 3. create something .
4. and own something that nobody else can ever have." The pride and self indulgence you get to have an original strap by Chantal is well worth any price or wait. In a world of plastic and production, we deserve true craftsmanship/craftswomanship, that let us be free to recognise the art of being human once again. Anyone who visits this site in search of a strap, are a rare and separated breed that have values and desires not milled down by mindless manufacture. Beauty and originality has no price tag. If you love your guitar and the very essense of what it gives to you, than you deserve to own a Chantal strap. Without doubt one of the best personal investments I have ever made. I feel special. I intend to order two more, for the 335 and the Lowden - because life is too damn short!


I went for texture, softness, color tones and an organic feel for this guitar strap and something to complement the Gibson's beautiful grain.

I used a little bit of fur for texture and softness ( kangaroo fur ) and 2 different suedes the tan is a cow hide split and the yellow a pig skin suede with an edging of pig skin leather.

The yellow suede has been wrinkled for a rippled grain look.

The shoulder part is constructed out of 2 layers of very soft cowhide suede and the end straps have a core of thin Kangaroo leather laminated between the 2 layers of suede, for strength.

The adjustment is not much more difficult then tying your shoe lace and I think it looks neat as well as totally "scratch" proof.


length 45" to 52", width 2 1/2" at shoulder

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2007