Custom made for Berry in the UK for his Lowden guitar

This guitar strap is made of 4 different kinds of leather and suedes. The inlay is exotic deep sea Perch leather inlayed between Italian garment grade calf suede trimmed with a lighter color calf skin leather and and the edges of the strap is pigskin leather for a smooth finish .
The all lot is put together with 6 visible rows of hand "saddle" stitching for extra "texture". I tried to keep within the color tones of the Lowden and sympathetic with its clean lines and dark wood binding.

Berry's comment

Strap No 61 for my Lowden. This is my second Chantal strap and possibly my favourite. When it arrived I knew it was like a visit from an old friend. It was "made' for the Lowden. It exists in perfect harmony with the instrument, not overshadowing but as if both were created at the same time. Thats the mark of a craftsperson understanding her craft. I am blessed. I now have two unique items from Chantal. I still want one for the Gibson 335! but I've just got an Irish McIlroy A30c which is better than the Lowden! So I guess I may need another one too!!!!! Great work, I feel special.

length 45 " to 50", width 2 .5 "

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