Custom Made for MULLY in Shizuoka, Japan

length 52"- 57"- width 2 3/4"

Mully'a comment

So I was out searching the net for custom leather guitar straps when I came upon this little page called Straps by Chantal Cordey. I honestly almost passed the link on Google and go for another one but thought to myself "What the hell, give it a shot" WOW, was I amazed at what I saw! All of the straps that I saw were exactly the type of design I was looking for. There was one on the SOLD customs page, #30, that I absolutely fell in love with......John in Sydney if you ever decide to part with it let me know. hehe!! Anyway, I contacted Chantal and she walked me through everything. I told her what I was looking for and she whipped up a design for me on the old computer. The first design was close but something was missing. My actual words to Chantal were "Imagine that Clint Eastwood plays guitar. I want the strap that he would use." She nailed it on the first try after that. My strap arrived and it's so cool that I can't even decide which guitar I want to use it with. During the time I'm not playing I have it hanging on my wall. Not only is it a great strap it makes a killer wall hanging here in my room. Chantal, thank you for all your hard work and you can be sure that when I need another strap I'll be dropping you a mail.
Jim Mullins

P.S. after my strap arrived I found Chantal's page talking about making props for movies. Now I tell all my friends that my strap was made by the person that made Superman's suitcase. ha!!

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