White Guitar Strap # 104

Custom made for Chris in Canada for his Gretsch White Falcon Bass

length 50 1/2" to 57 1/2" - width 2 5/8"

This bass guitar strap was inspired by North West Native American designs. My customer wanted a white strap with a Falcon design. In the end I think it also has an almost "Art Deco" feel to it. It should look nice with the Gretsch White Falcon bass.
The motifs are hand carved and embossed on a 3mm vegetable tanned modelling cowhide then hand painted with an especially formulated acrylic paint. It is lined with white calf skin leather and the strap is edged with the same leather. It is hand stitched right around with a thick saddlery type cord . The adjustment is by means of a pair of 1 mm thick length of leather lacing.
The strap is sealed with a good quality leather sealer making it easy to wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.

Chris's Comment
Hello Chantal!!!!

As for the strap.... My Oh My. I received it within a week of you sending it. I think i'm in love with it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I never dreamed that our conversations would result in something so stylish and cool! I'm so pleased with how it's made as well, it's really top quality. Honestly, it's a work of art. I'd hang it up on the wall if it didn't look so great with my guitar! I can't express to you how happy i am with the strap you've made for me. Thank you so much.

I'll foreward some pictures to you as soon as i sort out my computer woes. The strap looks fantastic with my bass!

Thanks again Chantal, i'm very happy with your service, attentiveness, quality of product, and promptness (i could learn a thing or two from you about that!) ;~D

Chris Simpson

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