Custom made for Pete in LA
An other version of a Road Warrior guitar strap

This time I used a lot of Kangaroo lacing to assemble the strap for texture as well as Waxed cord.

I also used some aged Kangaroo leather with still a tiny bit of hair on for some of it again it adds a different texture and contrast .. There are 2 bullet holes on the yellow leather and I have tried to make it look like an old road sign.

The adjustment is by way of 2 hooks that I made out of thick fencing wire and that is covered by a flap of the age Roo leather.

It has a knife pouch at the back with a bit of rug hanging out of it. The bit of rug is actually an old Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome crew T-shirt ;-).

The strap is lined with garment grade cowhide leather, the button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather at the back and stitched right around with a good quality waxed thread.

The all strap is aged as to look like it it survived the Apocalypse

Peter's comment
I have owned movie props before, and love the magical quality they have when you hold and see them in person (I had some items from Jonny Depp's character in Pirates of the Caribbean 1).
On opening up the box with the new Mad Max strap, that was totally what happened to me.... from the leather with the 'Roo' hair still on it to the smaller details (like the police brass button??) to the pocket, to the overall feel... I can see why you made costumes for the Max movies... this strap has THE MAGIC! Many, many thanks, I am actually unable to express enough how amazing this strap is... even the smell!
All the best!
Peter in California

length 48" - 53" - width 3 1/4"

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