Dragon leather guitar strap # 148
to Don in Texas
January 2011
The centre ridge make me think of dragon scales, it is made of 1.5 mm vegetable tanned leather.
On either side of the centre strip there is some hand woven kangaroo lacing ( the strongest leather lace in existence and much price by leatherworker the world over) . The weaving is actually a stitch similar to a half hitch and is done with a needle one stitch at a time.
This guitar strap is lined with a cowhide suede and the button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather also ..

The materials for this were quite expensive , Lacing alone cost me 50 AU $

Length 45 1/2" - 51 1/2" Width 3"
plus 1 extra hole on the tail end making it 43 1/2 as its shortest


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