Leather guitar Strap # 39

Went To Larry in L.A. For his Warwick Bass. Good choice,with the padding added , its a perfect Bass strap.

This guitar strap was padded with 5 mm Neoprene and lined with pigskin leather at my client's request


" Chantal's work has to be SEEN to be believed! These are NOT your standard leather guitar straps. The pictures on her site don't do justice to the design, quality, and appearance.
Each one is an individual work-of-art; a one-off. Considering the time it must take to construct each one by hand, and keeping in mind that every strap is unique, they are an incredible bargain.
Besides the fact that it's the most well-built, comfortable, and balanced strap I own, Chantal's impeccable construction and beautiful design work make this strap a treasured possesion.
As musicians, we're very fortunate that an Artist/Craftswoman like Ms. Cordey devotes some of her time and efforts creating a product that we can use while practicing our craft.
My Bass strap is pretty amazing- a wearable work-of art. Chantal's skills are of the highest calibre- World-Class,Museum-quality
textile fabrication and leatherwork of the highest level. These straps combine her intrinsic graphic/design skills and her incredible creativity as a Artist. Nothing else like them. nobody else like her!
I feel fortunate to be able to use one of her creations."


Hand embossed and hand painted. The acrylic paint I use is mixed with a fixative to make it even more durable, and then sealed with a leather sealer and additionally sprayed with a water repellent. As always, all possible care is taken to make it a long lasting wearable work of art.
length 42" to 50 "- width 2 3/4"for electric guitars and basses

©Copyright Chantal Cordey - 2005