Guitar Strap # 23

Custom made for Craig - Arizona - USA

This guitar strap is a custom order and is not for sale .I'm putting it here for a little while to show it to everyone.

I have made it especially long to my customer requirements and NO he doesn’t play his guitar around his knees, I've checked.

He plays a Les Paul or 2. Keeping this in mind I have made it with a good closed cell foam padding for maximum comfort.

It is modeled on number 21 but with a different adjustment at the rear so as to have continuous width and padding at any length.

We also decided to introduce a little bit of red in it as it will be used with a Light Burst Les Paul Classic with a cream scratchplate, a Cherry Red Les Paul Special and a translucent black SG supreme. . On the top I used a 3 mm modeling Vegetable tanned Italian leather, which has been hand cut, hand embossed and inlayed with snakeskin. The diamonds have been plugged. Basically means that I replaced the cut out portions as a plug, bringing the snakeskin level with it surrounding leather.

The whole strap has been lined with a premium quality Italian calfskin suede .As usual the Buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the all lot hand stitched with a 6-cord linen waxed thread.

This is a sturdy and comfortable strap , the colours worked really well together and should look stunning with the Gibsons and its wearer.

The snakeskin on this is one really is beautifully tanned and has a lovely charcoal grey pattern.

Length 54"- 65 “- width 3"
For electric guitars and basses


I got the slip in the mail yesterday that it was at the post office. Picked it up today. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I was opening the package. You really outdid yourself. I didn’t know whether to put it on one of my guitars…or on display under glass. The job you did with that padding was great. Even with my Les Pauls, the strap rides comfortably on my shoulder. And with the extra grip from the suede lining, I don’t have to worry about the headstock on my SG or bass taking a nose dive to the floor. I couldn’t be happier”. Thanks again for a quality product. I’m sure it will last a lifetime.
Craig in Arizona (Thursday May 11 2006)

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