Leather Guitar Strap # 26
Custom made for Brian - Quebec - Canada

This guitar strap was made for .Brian's Martin HD28.

It consists of 2 layers of especially thin 1 mm modeling hide with a lighter Tan color underneath and a mid brown on top. This guitar strap required to be light in weight and soft, as it is for an Accoustic guitar. It is inlayed with what turns out to be an Egyptian Cobra skin.

The snakeskins: I once purchased them from an old Jewish man who use to specialize in making fine “exotic“ leather, Ladies handbags in Vienna, Austria (For Kings and Queens he used to say). My supply of those magnificent well tanned skins is extremely limited. Please read the description for #21 in my "Sold” section for more details of this story

It is edged with a kangaroo leather lace (renown to be the strongest leather lace there is) and additionally padded at the shoulder with thick brown felt.

Buckle is covered in kangaroo leather and as always; all stitching (buckle, strap button 'keyholes' etc) is hand-stitched with a strong saddler-grade wax thread .Made to last a lifetime.

Customer's comment
Hi Chantal
I received my Guitar Strap today, June 19 2006.

It looks perfect on my HD28 Martin.
It is a pleasure to have a guitar strap made by you, the quality and pride that went it really shines through.
Thank you very much & keep up the great work.
Quebec (Tuesday June 20 2006) (left in my Guestbook)

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