Leather guitar strap
# 72
to Andrew - Botswana

"Rubies and Pearls"

This guitar strap is made out of 2.5 mm vegetable tanned Italian modeling hide on the top, inlayed with mother of Pearl and Egyptian cobra snake skin (21 of them). The dots are stamped and painted with a gold paint and the "rubies" are riveted Acrylic dark red Rhinestones.The strap is padded with 3mm Neoprene (closed cell foam) and its lined with Black Pig skin leather which is not too slippery or to grippy (it allows some movement but it does not slip and slide all over the place). All the leather parts are sealed with two different leather sealers and double checked to make sure there is no color bleed as with all of my straps. The buckle is covered with Kangaroo leather and the whole lot is hand stitched with a thick saddlery grade braided Nylon thread (it will not rot or come apart in a hurry).

Well, I think its about it. The strap sparkles beautifully against the light which should look very effective on stage.

length 46" to 51", width 3" at shoulder

Andrew's Comment
Words are not enough to express the beauty of these straps. The smell of the leather was the first confirmation that this is the real deal. The fit is perfect and all this will help me to up my game.
Thanks for the prize that I will treasure for a lifetime.

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2008