Jimi Hendrix guitar strap # 116
to Andrew in Botswana




Length 46 - 51 with one extra hole at the back 1 1/2 inches up - width 3"

see details

Andrew's comment

Hi Chantal,

I wanted to contact you early today to share with you my experience with the JH strap. As you would recall I was elated when I received the electronic images of the strap as work in progress and after you completed it. The Jimi portraits and colours struck me. Sure enough that was not sufficient to prepare me for the level of detail I encountered when I held the strap in my hands. Awesome is an understatement! The perfectly snug fit was an icing on the cake as they say.

In the end just as I had wished, my weekend was surreal in a beautiful way. More than all the straps you have done for me the JH has immortalised our relationship, as it will serve as a constant reminder of our virtual meeting.

May the good Lord preserve you and continue to imbue you with creative juices so that the peoples of the world may share your talents.