Welcome to The Knitting For Australian Dog Rescue Groups Fundraiser page

Updated Sunday \Jume 18 2017



For those of you who are not familiar with our knitting endeavour please visit our Facebook page

This page is to raise funds primarily for postage of coats and blankets to rescue groups.
Shipping is proving to be quite expensive with each parcel costing around $17 - to send. We are completely self funded hence the idea of this page to help with costs.

All items for sale can be paid via Paypal or by direct deposit into our bank account. For bank account details please send us an email.

Please note: Paypal (Chantal's guitar straps) is my business account, unfortunately I am unable to change this to suit this page.

On behalf of all the doggies and ourselves please accept a BIG thank you!

Chantal and the gang of knitters