Leather guitar straps # 101
to Adolfo in Sicily
Adolfo's Comment
Hello Chantal,
The strap has arrived yesterday. It's marvellous. Feels like it's made not only with your hands but with your heart at first.
I'm very very glad! As soon as possible I'll send you a pic of my guitar with your strap. Now I'm looking after some more straps. I'll be more detailed in the next days
.Thank you very much, Chantal!
Un abbraccio dalla Sicilia,

This guitar strap should reflect stage lights quite nicely.

The top layer is 1.5 mm vegetable tanned Italian leather. It is decorated with 117 ruby coloured riveted Rhine stones ( those are not cheap to buy ). The strap also has metallic gold coloured glass seed beads, I have recessed those into the top layer and each one is individually stitched into a backing leather which consists of a 1.5 mm cowhide split ( suede ) as you can see in the detailed picture above.

After applying all the decoration I have lined it with a pig skin leather, which is not slippery. I often choose to use leather as opposed to suede as a lining because I have noticed that suede can grab onto your clothing and cause your shirt to rise at the back. A minor wardrobe dysfunction if you like to move a lot on stage. Really its only a matter of opinion and preferences there.

The buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the button holes are also reinforced with Kangaroo leather and the all lot including the edges is hand stitched right around with a very strong saddlery grade waxed cord .

length 47" - 51" - width 2 3/4"
©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2009