Leather guitar straps # 112

to Ross in Victoria

length 43" to 48" - width is 2 1/2 inches at the shoulder down to 1 1/4 inches
Also suitable for an acoustic guitar

An other "Western style" guitar strap influenced by gun leather.

This guitar strap is inlayed with 2 different colour calf skins with the hair still on and it is studded with small silver coloured domed rivets.

The top layer of leather is 1.5 mm vegetable tanned leather, dyed a very dark brown, almost black.

The shoulder part has an additional core leather sandwiched between the top layer and the lining, for strength. The lining is a soft brown coloured cowhide suede .

The guitar strap is hand stitched around the edge with white Kangaroo leather lacing and a strong white waxed nylon cord around the inlays. The button holes are also reinforced with Kangaroo leather and stitched right around.

Ross's Comment
Hi Chantal,
Yes it arrived yesterday, The Guitar strap is fantastic, the Workmanship (or should that be Workwomanship) is impressive as is the attention to the small details such as the re-inforcing around the attachment holes.
Even my wife was suitably impressed, the strap is unique and makes a statement, thankyou, at least I'll look the part, unfortunately it probably wont hide the "bum" notes. Will spread the word.
Again many thanks for a great and unique product.

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