Leather guitar strap # 174
“Did The Parrot Get The Booty? “
To Martjin in the Netherland

This guitar strap is embossed and handpainted only in the front. The rest is just good leather which has been wrinkled and antiqued to bring out the natural leather grain.

It is 2.5 mm thick vegetable tanned leather, lined with pig skin and hand stitched right around with a good quality nylon cord.

It has a “Pirate” kind of buckle to go with the theme and it is renforced at the button holes with Kangaroo leather for extra strength.

The tail end is 2 inches wide

length 44"- 51"- width 3"

Martjin's comment

Dear Chantal,
The first thing I noticed upon opening the package was how carefully you packed it, showing dedication to your work and an eye for detail throughout the whole process. The strap itself looks and feels absolutely fantastic! The way all the pieces are put together is impeccable, giving me the feeling I will be able to use this strap for many many years to come, as you said: If it is used a lot and given the proper care every leather product needs, it will last a life time. Thanks again for this beautiful piece of work.

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2011