Follow Your Heart Life Is Short
to Shane - Newcastle

This is Deluxe strap # 200 or in Roman numeral CC which makes it CC CC.  I wanted texture and a strap that rocked n rolled.

The tattoos derived motifs are hand embossed and hand painted, I have used kangaroo lacing in between for texture, and the metal ornaments are a deconstructed conveyor belt mechanism. Dragon skin leather on the shoulder. Spanish edge laced right around again for texture (I keep forgetting how long that takes, which is a good thing I suppose)

It is lined with light colored pig skin leather.

Well that’s about it. Onward now

Length 49 ½" - 55 ½" with one added button hole at tail end effectively making it 47 ½" at its shortest

Width 3/1/4"  at the shoulder down to 2 ¼" ) at the tail end

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2013