Leather guitar strap # 202
to Douglas in the US

This guitar strap features a padded shoulder which is 18 ½ inches long. It is made up of Black Motorcycle jacket type leather on top then a layer of 5 mm thick Neoprene and a layer of light coloured pig skin lining leather underneath. It is edged with DK brown pig skin leather and hand stitched throughout.

The tail end and the front piece consist of 2.5 mm thick cowhide leather lined with Kangaroo leather to strengthen the button holes, it has 2 button holes at the back for maximum adjustment.  

The adjustment is by way of 2 Pelham hooks same as I use on my plainer guitar straps.

It Features 3 Black stars, those are braided with Kangaroo lace.

The strap has also been aged.

Length 46"  to 53" including one extra hole at tail end 2" up

Width 3 ¼" at shoulder down to 2" at tail end.

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2013