Leather guitar straps # 43
to Tommy in Sydney

This guitar strap is made out 3.5 mm thick Vegetable tanned cowhide at the shoulder and lined with a 1.5 mm thick garment Italian calf skin suede. The button hole ends are thinner aprox 2.5mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide, lined and reinforced with 1mm thick Kangaroo leather.
The inlays are a cream colored Egyptian Cobra. This is some of the last of the Cobra skins I have here, I obtained those many years ago from an exotic leather handbag manufacturer. They are irreplaceable as I have never seen Snakeskin’s like those sold locally here in Australia. My current suppliers keeps very gaudy colours mostly and the tanning is obviously not what it use to be, they feel like paper , I won't buy them.
The motifs are hand carved and embossed and hand painted .
As usual buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the all lot is hand stitched with a saddlery grade waxed thread.

ps .Some people might remember this strap as having been padded earlier.
With the leather, design and construction I used it really does not need padding (overkill) so I decided to take it off before I let it go.
Really feels much better now.
I'm happy with it.

length 46" to 52" - width 2 1/2 "

©Copyright Chantal Cordey - 2005