Leather guitar straps # 50
to Di - Melbourne

length 45" to 53 " - width 2 1/2 "

This guitar strap is made out of one layer of 2 mm (approx 6/64 ") olive green Cowhide split suede sandwiched between 2 layers of 1 mm (approx 3/64 ") garment grade Italian calf skin suede in a very nice Tobacco color.
The resulting strap is.very soft and supple yet very sturdy with with its 3 layers of laminated suede.
I like the feel of it and the muted colors.

For the button holes the green suede is reinforced with a 1mm (approx 3/64 ") kangaroo leather ( reputed to be the strongest thin leather in the world ) and the whole lot as usual is hand saddle stitched with a strong saddlery grade wax thread.
It is adjustable from 45 " to 53 ", with 2 "of that at the tail end, where I have punched 2 holes 2 "apart.

I have made it quite long as I figured if it is too long it would be easy for me to shorten it . Just run it past me.


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