Leather guitar straps # 54
to Arthur in the UK
Arthur's comment
Chantal ~
It is many weeks since you delivered my guitar strap, to my daughter in Sydney, and I really thank you for doing that.
My wife and I, have since visited our daughter for a month, and I am now in proud possession of one unique, fantastic guitar strap. I have attached gold plated strap locks to it, and its fitted to my best guitar - a Gibson Les Paul 'Supreme', in translucent amber colour, which is also gold plated. It really looks an impressive piece of kit now.
I have shown the strap to various guitarists, and they really like it, and come over pretty envious.
It's better than I thought it would be, and the quality of material and workmanship on it, looks second to none.
You have a skill that has to be admired, and I would recommend your work to anyone.
Thank you for making this Englishman, one hell of a happy chappy......Arthur

length 43 1/2 " to50 " - width2 7/8"

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