to Hayden in South Australia

"The Ocean Blue Strap"

length 44" - 48" - width 2.3/4"

Hayden's comment

I have strapped on "Ocean Blue" with the strat and I am really pleased. Very comfortable, I like wide straps. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied and it looks way cool for a 48 year old raggedy assed blues guitarist.

January 12 2008

This guitar strap consist altogether of 5 layers. Starting with the top which is 1.5 mm thick vegetable tanned Leather, cut out, dyed and painted with Acrylic paints. Underneath this we have a bit of "exotic" leather, a couple of fish skins ( Perch ) used as inlays. This is glued and stitched to a backing of cowhide split suede.

Lastly this one is also padded with 3 mm thick Neoprene ( closed cell foam ) which is lined with pig skin leather. I chose this leather for its "balancing"qualities . Not too slippery and not too "grippy" it allows some movement but at the same time it also avoids headstock dives.

The whole lot is stitched with an extremely good quality saddler synthetic waxed thread that will not rot in a hurry and the buckle is covered with leather.

Basically threw the book at this one and I gave it the best of treatments.

This one is definitely made for an Electric Guitar or Bass but is NOT suited to an Acoustic Guitar

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