Guitar strap # 132 with genuine Abalone(Paua)
to Dennis in Queensland
Size Length 45" - 49"- width 2 1/2"
Plus 1 extra hole at the tail end 2 inches up making it possible to be 43" to 49"

Dennis's Comment

Hello Chantal,
Words cannot describe how I felt when I first saw my new strap. It is a masterpiece! I will now have to raise my playing ability to do justice to the strap and Strat.You have made an old man very happy :-p
Many,many thanks. Dennis

This guitar straps has genuine Abalone ( Paua ) and also glass seed beads stitched onto a 2.5 mm leather on top with a sprinkling of red Rhinestones. It will shine and reflex the light like a star .

The strap is lined with suede cowhide and stitched together with a red kangaroo lace and the buttonholes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather.

The Rhinestones and Abalone beads and Kangaroo lace alone cost me 60 Australian Dollars .

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