Leather Guitar Straps # 21
"The Python"
to Ken in Queensland

# 21 The design for this guitar strap was inspired by the natural patterns found on a Python skin. It is hand cut, embossed, painted and inlayed with a beautifully tanned cream snakeskin.

My supply of those magnificent skins is limited. I obtained a box full once from an old Jewish man who use to specialize in making fine “ exotic “ leather, Ladies hand bags in Vienna, Austria (For Kings and Queens he used to say).

They are irreplaceable as I have never seen Snakeskin’s like those sold locally here in Australia .My supplier keeps very gaudy colours mostly and the tanning for those is obviously not what it use to be.

That old box has seen me through a few movies. I have now decided to use what I have left for my guitar straps inlays. The diamonds on this strap have been plugged as well as inlayed. Basically means that I replaced the cut out portion as a plug, bringing the snake skin level with it surrounding leather .The leather I used on top is 3 mm modeling Vegetable tanned Italian leather it is then lined with a 1 mm thick grey suede backing and additionally padded at the shoulder with a 5mm thick black woolen felt .As usual the Buckle is covered in Kangaroo leather and the all lots stitched with a linen 6 cord waxed thread.

This strap would look and feel great on a Tele. or a Strat. ( cream pick guard black guitar ) .the grey in it would also complement some blue guitars as well. Or maybe black scratchplate red guitar would look nice. That’s what I reckon, anyhow.

Would this one look great on your guitar? ;-)

Length 41.5 "- 47.5 “- width 2.5"

For electric guitars and basses

Strap arrived safely Friday and it looks great. It truly exceeds myexpectations .Number 21 (affectionately known as “The Python”) just fits the bill. I have walked around with it over my shoulder (my family think I’m an idiot) but have not introduced it to a guitar as yet. I can’t decide which one will get the privilege.
Ken in Queensland (Saturday May 7 2006)

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