Guitar Straps # 36
to Jodie - NSW - Australia

Length 46 1/2" to 51 1/2"- width 2.5"

(could be made 44 1/2" to 51 1/2" if I were to punch two holes on the tail end) just ask

For electric guitar and also suitable for an acoustic.

This leather guitar strap was partly inspired by looking at Google Earth picture that a friend sent me of salt decanting ponds in Africa and I made it whilst listening to a Sydney Jazz radio station. I kept thinking of Jazz improvisation while I worked on it.

Hand cut 1.2 mm vegetable tanned modeling hide inlayed with a selection of different snake skins and lizards skins and even a little bit of fish skin. Lined with pig skin suede. Buckle covered in Kangaroo leather, handstitched with a strong linen waxed thread.

Please note that I haven't punched any button holes on the ends. I am waiting to see which guitar it will go on and whether strap locks will be used as it seems a shame to cut into the reinforced stitches I use on all of my straps button hole in order to make larger holes then these required for ordinary Fender type lugs.

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2006