Guitar Straps # 37
t to Mike - UK

After all I didn't spend all those formative years working on "black straps" films for nothing. This one was designed for those who just can't let go of the "black strap". Lets face it might be just the thing for your next "Sturgis" gig.

This guitar straps is down to texture. I aged all the metal parts and the buckles so its all steel not chrome

Originally , I broke my own rules and used my sewing machine to whip up a bit of a motorbike jacket look on the pad but since then, I decided it was'nt good enough and I would'nt let it go like that so I re did it using handstiching and a strong waxed thread.

The pad is made out of 2 kinds of foams one is a closed cell and the other a thin open celled foam sandwiched between black garment calf skin on top and "Italian " Black garment suede underneath. It makes it strong and sturdy but at the same time it has a bit of give as well.

For the ends I used a printed leather which I suspect could be calf . I glued and stiched that to vegetable tanned modeling hide. All buckles attachment and adjusting tongues are Vegetable tanned leather as its the best there is for straps. It adjusts at the back and the front, this allows for a bit of versatility in getting the shoulder pad just were you want it.

Please note
that I haven't punched any button holes on the ends. I am waiting to see which guitar it will go on and whether strap locks will be used as it seems a shame to cut into the reinforced stitches I use on all of my straps button hole in order to make larger holes then these required for ordinary Fender type lugs.Also if the size is not quite right I might be able to shorten it for you.

Length 46" to inches to 52" - width 2 7/8 "

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2006