Guitar Strap # 13 Strap

to Benny - Victoria - Australia

A funky strap. I call it the "shredder" strap (playing so many sixteenth notes that the picks are in real danger of flying off any minute!). Anyway I arranged 8 picks with all their individual pockets (4 on the front, 4 on the back) ready for a quick switch-over in between sets. Heck, you could even afford to throw a few picks to the crowds at your next festival gig! You will never have the problem of not finding a pick as long as you keep this strap stocked up!

I noticed the picks are best taken out with your left hand if you are right handed .

I wanted to play primarily with black and red. The black is stitched with red thread and the red with black thread. I cut out slots and threaded red leather thonging through it. This arrangement of pockets allows for changes of colors. You can be visually creative - collect different coloured plectrums and see what you like! Plectrums make a nice decorative motif on this one.

This strap is adjustable back and front. The width is 2 3/4'' at its widest part and 1 1/2" at the narrower ends. The top leather is 1.5 mm Veg tanned cowhide. Underneath is a 2 mm cowhide split suede; it's thick, it's non-slip and it adds a nice weight and nice feel to the strap. The buckles are covered in Kangaroo Leather (the strongest thin leather in the world)"

length 43" - 50"

For electric guitars and basses

©Copyright Chantal Cordey - 2005