Guitar Strap # 8 strap

"Blues in the night"

to Felicity in Geelong

Dripping with character. It's about Blue guitars and Blues guitar's about fat notes in the dead of the night's about stormy skies...vintage Jazz haunts...

Here mainly dyes were used as they have a translucency to them..perfect for the night in the backround as it allowed me to lay different dye washes, and to give the night some depth. Only the notes and the lights are painted on this one."

Embossed and coloured by hand. The buckle is attached with stitching and covered with calf skin. Thickness of leather is 3 mm or 8/64 " or 8 oz. Leather is vegetable tanned Italian leather commonly used for light weight belts (as opposed to military style weight - an important point as it determines the amount of stretch). As always, any stitching (buckle, reinforced ends, strap button 'keyholes' etc) is hand-stitched with strong saddlery-grade wax thread to last a lifetime.


Lengh 42"to 47 " - Width 2 1/2

For electric guitars and basses

©Copyright Chantal Cordey - 2005