Leather and tapestry guitar strap # 111
to Kyla in Sydney

length 53" - 59" - width 3" at the shoulder down to 1 3/4 inches on the ends

First of all. This is a long strap. If you need it shorter no problems I can easily make it shorter for you, please ask.

This guitar strap is made with real, "one off design" tapestry needlepoint, made one stitch at a time by me, not something cut from a roll. This is extemely durable, tried and tested on a money purse of mine which I used for a good ten years with the colours staying bright with no real significant wear.

This strap is very sturdy yet remains supple as I have lined it with a 3 mm thick Suede with the edge turned over, bringing the total thickness of the finished strap to 4.5 mm thick at the shoulder.

The tapestry is overlaid with small kangaroo leather triangles .

The ends are
2 mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide and they are lined with pigskin leather

The button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather, the thickness of those comes up to 3.2 mm thick. Reason been that this thickness is just right for guitar's strap buttons .
The adjustment part is the same as the one used on my "O "series straps, two " Pelham "

The whole lot is hand "saddle stitched" with a very thick braided nylon cord.

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2009