Leather and tapestry guitar strap # 159
to Christophe in France

This guitar strap is made out of real one of a kind needle point wool tapestry not something cut out of a roll.

Hand made one stitch at a time, the old fashion way as used in upholstering chairs etc and is extremely durable.

It is lined with a bone colored cowhide suede with the edges turned over. The ends are 2.5 mm cow hide vegetable tanned leather lined with suede.

The strap is hand stitched right around (saddle stitched, in linguo) with a strong braided nylon cord as used by saddle makers and it uses pelham hooks for the adjustment like the one I use in my "O "series , plainer guitar straps. http://www.pccord.com/plainer_guitar_straps.htm

length 43"- 52" including the extra button hole on the tail end
3 3/8 inches ( 9 cm ) at the shoulder and 2 inches ( 5cm ) on the ends

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