Leather and tapestry guitar strap # 195
to Christophe in France

This guitar strap is made of wool tapestry needle point, hand made by me one stitch at a time and NOT from a factory roll. This kind of tapestry is very sturdy and durable as used in upholstery. The tapestry is backed with cowhide suede and hand stitched (no sewing machine) right around with a good quality beige thick waxed cord. This strap is wide, supple and comfortable.

The 2 ¼ inches ends are 2.5 mm vegetable tanned cowhide leather in a light tan colour and those in turn are lined with pig skin leather.

The button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather and stitched right around for strength. The adjustment is by way of Pelham hooks which can also be seen in my plainer “0”series guitar straps.

Length 49 ½ inches to 57 ½ inches long with extra hole 2 inches up on the tail end, effectively
making it 47 ½ inches at its shortest
width 3 5/8"

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2012