Telecaster in a Bed Of Roses # 156
to Gottfried in Germany
This guitar strap is hand carved and embossed then hand painted. It is made out of 3. 5 mm cowhide embossing Italian vegetable tanned leather.

It is lined with pig skin, reinforced on the under side of the button holes with Kangaroo leather and hand saddle stitched right around with a strong braided waxed nylon cord. The button holes , as always are thin down to a 3 mm thickness for a good fit and also in case you might want to fit some strap locks at some stage .

It took 2 days to carve and emboss, one day to paint and 1 day to assemble plus the original design time, a day to draw and transfer the design onto the leather.

Length 45" - 49" Width 2 7/8"
with one extra hole at the tail end, making it really 43" at its shortest

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2011