Tribal Leather Guitar Strap # 152
to Nick in the UK

This guitar strap is inspired by tribal art from Papua New Guinea.

The embossing on this strap was quite labour intensive with all its tight curves the bevelling tools that I use to push down the leather after the design is cut into the surface of the leather where very small in order to get into all the small corner. Took me around 3 days just to emboss the design.

Then there was the careful hand painting, three coats of paint, nearly one day. The paint has been sealed with a thinner base varnish which make the strap wipe able with a slightly damp cloth.

Then there is the assembly ..The strap is lined with white garment calf leather, hand stitched right around with a Nylon cord and the buckle is laced with kangaroo lacing.

I am happy with the result as the design really stands out , I don't think the picture really do it justice.

Length 45" - 50" Width 3"
with one extra hole at the tail end, making it really 43" at its shortest

©Copyright Chantal Cordey 2011